Thomas Creek lines up new, returning releases


Thomas Creek’s been on a bit of a releasing spree lately, putting out two new beers in recent weeks and getting ready to reintroduce an old favorite in a new format.

The Greenville brewery’s been keeping busy during the past few weeks. Here’s a look at what they’ve been working on:

  • In late April, Honeysuckle Saison was released in six packs after being available on tap at the brewery and festivals. The 4% ale is brewed with yeast harvested from honeysuckle flowers and is available throughout TC’s distribution area, although only one batch was brewed, so it’s limited.
  • The brewery announced the return of its Banana Split Chocolate Stout, which will be available in four packs (with new artwork) for the first time. The 7.5% stout is brewed with dried bananas and has long been one of the most popular offerings from the brewery. Previously available in corked and caged 750s, four packs are estimated to hit the market by the end of June.
  • In honor of Greenville’s 10th annual Gallabrae Highland Games, TC brewed an official beer for the event: Gallabrae Scottish Ale. Coming in at 5.5%, the traditional style ale was brewed using a 60-shilling recipe (the lowest ABV recipe for the style) and peated malt. Gallabrae was previewed at an event this past week and will be available at the games and in some locations around Greenville soon.

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