From One Carolina To Another

Has the growth of South Carolina’s craft beer culture been aided by the growth of the scene in North Carolina, or is advancement of craft beer in the Carolinas more of a synergistic relationship? I’ve taken a look at that question in a guest blog post today for Foothills Brewing​ as a part of North Carolina Beer Month.

Foothills Brewing

Nick bio Nick McCormac

Editor’s note: We continue celebrating NC Beer Month by asking some of our friends to ruminate on North Carolina Craft Beer and its place in the world. This week’s guest blogger is Nick McCormac, one of South Carolina’s leading online craft beer advocates, with his take on the synergistic beer relationship between the Carolinas.

If you were to ask someone in the Southeast which Carolina pops to mind first in terms of craft beer, chances are the answer would start with “North.” And with good reason; with 140 breweries and brewpubs producing some of the country’s most increasingly sought-after beer and numerous breweries in the national spotlight, North Carolina has long been the 800-pound gorilla of Carolina craft beer.

As North Carolina’s craft beer scene boomed during the last half decade, South Carolina’s remained fairly stagnant for much of the same period. Of course, breweries were opening (albeit at a…

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