Carolina Bauernhaus launches taproom construction fundraiser


Anderson’s first craft brewery is on track to open its doors this year, but the founders of Carolina Bauernhaus are looking to make sure visiting the Upstate farmhouse brewery is an experience by crowdfunding upgrades for their taproom.

Monday, an Indiegogo campaign was launched to help offset the costs of $25,000 in construction costs for things such as stools, tables, floor drains, coolers and more. “The mission of our campaign is not to start a brewery. We’ve already done that,” CBA’s David Thorton – also a co-founder of SouthYeast Labs – says in the campaign’s video. “Our goal instead is to create the most spectacular taproom in the Upstate of South Carolina, one that reflects the same persona as our rare, regional ales.” (An Indiegogo campaign allows CBA to keep everything raised even if they don’t meet their goal.)

Contributor perks range from swag (patches, hats, shirts, etc.) to access to preview parties and a “beer CSA” (like a regular CSA, but without food) up to the opportunity to brew with the staff or (literally) your own seat at the bar. The campaign is scheduled to end Thursday, April 2.

“Sure, eventually we will have a taproom to replace that old jockey box and keezer, but with your help and support it can happen so much faster,” said CBA founder Keston Helfrich.

More information on CBA and the campaign here.


2 thoughts on “Carolina Bauernhaus launches taproom construction fundraiser

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