Holy City opening Suelto with expanded kitchen, local chef


Holy City, the first South Carolina brewery to capitalize on the so-called Stone Law by opening a kitchen last year, is getting ready to expand that operation in February by adding a Charleston-area chef to the staff and expanding its kitchen space and menu options for visitors.

HCB announced earlier this week that Suelto (Spanish for “loose”) will be operational beginning next month, offering more small-plate grub including sandwiches, lighter entrées and brunch items. Chef Shay MacDonald, who assisted with HCB’s current Struggle’s Really Slow Food operation, will be moving on from HoM to work full time at the brewery kitchen.

“The menu is always going to be changing, especially at first. When we first started talking about me providing food for the patrons at the brewery, I was ready to make a menu that only worked off of a toaster oven and a panini press, and just make it a one-man show,” MacDonald told the Charleston City Paper. “That plan has been rapidly evolving.”

The food service area will be expanded slightly from the small kitchen currently on site. A trailer with most of the necessary equipment will be set up behind that area, allowing for more prep space and, with any luck, an expanded kitchen staff.

While the operation won’t be fully online for a few weeks, visitors can get a preview of what’s in store Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at the brewery. More information can be found at Suelto’s Facebook page.


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