Westbrook announces details for BA Mexican Cake release


Get ready to rumble (and wake up awfully early on a Saturday).

After months of mounting anticipation, Westbrook announced Thursday that this Saturday, Sept. 20, will be the release day for it’s 2014 edition of Barrel-aged Mexican Cake. The release comes about two months after initially expected, but all signs point to an eventful Saturday for the Mount Pleasant brewery.

Like last year’s initial release, the second annual release will include three variants: Bourbon Barrel, aged 12 months in Four Roses barrels); Tequila Barrel, aged 12 months in an unknown tequila barrel); and Double Barrel, a blend of 12-month-age Pritchard’s rye and bourbon barrels. Bourbon and Tequila will be limited to two per person while Double Barrel will be four per person. Bottles are $30 each.

The release will go as follows: Wristbands will be handed out sometime prior to 9 AM Saturday. Exactly when is unknown and will be based on how large of a turnout there is. Bottle sales will begin at 9 AM and the first 425 people will be guaranteed an allotment. Once everyone with a wristband has had their chance, the remaining bottles (if any) will be put on sale. The taproom will open at noon as usual and a few surprises will be on tap.

A few things to note for those planning to attend: No one will be allowed to camp out on the brewery property or line up prior to 6 AM Saturday. Mount Pleasant police will be on site and enforcing those rules. Also, no outside beer or other alcohol will be allowed (i.e., this is not a bottle share event).

Another thing to note if you plan to attend: Be cool to each other. It’s just beer.

More details here.


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