Conquest launching new fan-created series

conquest logo_revised

Breweries offering people something new and unique via keg treatments, randalized beers and casks is common these days as brewers look for a way to put a new spin on their offerings. Conquest is no different, and on Wednesday they announced a new series that gives fans of the brewery a chance to taste their own creations.

The Singularis Series – pronounced sin-goo-lar-is, which is Latin for individual or unique – will be launching soon with a new releases each week. As a way of getting Conquest drinkers involved in the process, they’re soliciting ideas for keg treatments, casks and Randalls. A different idea will be picked each week, and the winning creator gets a pint of their beer for free.

No word on when the series will launch but plenty of ideas have been submitted on the brewery’s Facebook page already.


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