Mexican Cake expected in ‘3-4 weeks’


Wondering when you (or at least your mules) will be able to get your hands on Westbrook‘s delectable Mexican Cake imperial stout? Sometime in the next month, according to the brewery.

Late Thursday, following a lot of incessant questions about the release of the 10.5% imperial stout aged on cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks and habaneros, the brewery posted a message on its Facebook page indicating the beer was just about ready for release.

“(W)e are currently aiming for release in 3-4 weeks,” the post said. “We’ve added more habaneros to it and are waiting. As any brewer, home or brewery, knows, these things take time.”

Mexican Cake is slated for May release according to Westbrook’s release calendar, but as they said, it’s ready when it’s ready. The same can be applied for the next BA Mexican Cake release, which is currently slated for July.


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