Natty Greene’s begins SC rollout

Natty Greenes Brewing

After teasing an expansion into South Carolina last year, North Carolina’s Natty Greene’s began its Palmetto State launch this week, starting in the Capital City.

The Greensboro brewery – which also runs brewpubs there and in Raleigh and is in the middle of a 10,000 BBL expansion – held launch events throughout Columbia this week at bars and restaurants including Liberty, The Whig, Pearlz and more. Launch beers include the year-round Buckshot Amber Ale, Southern Pale Ale and Wildflower Witbier and seasonal Elm Street English IPA on draft.

As for bottles, the Columbia distributor is aiming to have packages on local store shelves in time for July 4. No word on when the brewery plans to expand into other South Carolina markets.

Fun fact: Columbia’s Greene Street is actually named after Nathanael Greene.

Edit: Apparently they sneaked in a bit earlier! The Rock Hill area, which is usually first to get distribution of expanding North Carolina breweries, began seeing Natty Greene’s late last year, and have also had launch events in Charleston recently. Still, we’re happy to have them!


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