Traveler Beer Co. bringing new shandies to SC


Just in time for summer – or at least temperatures that make it feel like summer in South Carolina – The Traveler Beer Co. is expanding its line of shandies brewed with real fruit into the Palmetto State.

Traveler – a Burlington, VT-based subsidiary of Alchemy & Science, which itself is an “independently operating” subsidiary of The Boston Beer Co. – recently began expanding throughout South Carolina with “THE American Craft Shandy.” Unlike other shandies, where beer is mixed with lemonade or another flavored drink, Traveler’s shandies are brewed with fruit such as grapefruit and lemon. (The beer is being brewed out of Boston Beer Co.’s facility in Cincinnati, OH.) The brewery’s goal is to attract beer drinkers who otherwise would be turned off by the idea of mixing beer with soda or another beverage.

“We are adventurous types,” Traveler founder Alan Newman said in a press release. “Our mission is to introduce drinkers to THE American Craft Shandy that is refreshing, sessionable and fun. The Shandy trend is making its way into the American craft beer scene, and we’re excited to help lead the charge with Traveler.”

Traveler’s releases are brewed with German hops and come in at a sessionable 4.4% ABV. There are two year-round releases: Curious Traveler, which is brewed with fresh lemon and lime, and Illusive Traveler, brewed with real grapefruit. Time Traveler, the seasonal release, is brewed with real strawberries.

You’ll find Traveler available in bottles and on draft starting this month.


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