Quest previews line of canned beers


Last week, when I made the trip up to Quest for the bottle release of their BA Kaldi Coffee Imperial Stout, I was lucky enough to get a look at the concept art for their upcoming line of canned beers. While they weren’t ready to release images of the cans yet, I thought the designs looked great and would stand out when they hit store shelves.

A week later, the brewery has given a sneak peek at what those cans may end up looking like.

In a video blog posted Monday, the brewery has unveiled the concept artwork for their canned versions of their core beers as well as details regarding their rollout. Golden Fleece BPA and Smoking Mirror Smoked Porter, both of which will be available in six packs of 12 oz. cans, will first be canned in March. Following that will be Ellida IPA and Kaldi Coffee Stout in four packs of 16 oz. cans.

Look for all of Quest’s cans on shelves in the coming months.


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