More details on the Quest/Terrapin collaboration


Last week, Greenville’s Quest and Athens, GA’s Terrapin teamed up to brew a special collaboration beer in honor of the upcoming inaugural Greenville Craft Beer Week. On Tuesday, more details about said brew were released.

In a press release, Quest announced the beer would be named Tolba, the “name of a turtle in Native American legend said to be responsible for the creation of the earth.” The beer itself is a 7% oatmeal brown ale brewed with blueberries. Proceeds from sales will go to support The Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association.

“It is no coincidence our first collaboration is with Terrapin,” Quest Brewmaster Don Richardson said in a release. “Spike and I have been friends for years and they were kind enough to help us get our start here at Quest.  When I worked there I made numerous friends and love the culture they have created.”

“Spike” is Brian “Spike” Buckowski, Terrapin’s brewmaster. In a statement, Buckowski said, “Don and I have been in the industry and have known each other since the 90′s, it’s about time we finally got together for a collaboration.”

The beer will first be available at a special event on April 1 at Barley’s featuring Richardson and Jennifer Davis from Terrapin. The 15-person event will feature Tolba and two different beers each from Quest and Terrapin. Tickets are $40 each and including beer samples, cheese and schwag. Following that, Quest will have the beer available in its taproom beginning April 3 with limited quantities going out to accounts throughout the state.


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