Wooden Skiff schedules Hilton Head launch


Wooden Skiff, the first proper brewery on Hilton Head Island, has scheduled its hometown launch for this weekend.

Construction and assembly at the physical brewery is still underway, but on Saturday, Wooden Skiff will hold a launch party at the Mellow Mushroom location on HHI. Swamp Fox Red Ale and May River Sunset Blonde, the brewery’s first two releases, will be on tap for visitors to sample.

The event begins at 8 PM. You can find more details about it here.


3 thoughts on “Wooden Skiff schedules Hilton Head launch

  1. So what is the deal with them? They are being contract brewed by Beltway Brewing while also building their own brewery? Any particular reason for not just doing one or the other?

    • I haven’t heard anything about their contract brewing, but I imagine it’s just until they get their own stuff up and running, which should be soon.

  2. Hey guys! Love the interest in our brewery! As Brad probably knows most brewers who aren’t backed by BIG MONEY, as a 30bbl brew systems after market runs about $250K, have to find creative ways to enter the market. Rather than buying 2 or 3bbls system that would become obsolete rather quickly and then hiring a contract brewer to increase capacity, we have come up with our own recipes and are working with another brewer in the region, we hope demand with substantiate the investment in a system-because what sane individual without significant experience would throw a quarter of a million dollars at a brewery?!? One who hopes for the best, we are planning for the best! We are working on putting together the final funding for a 5bbl system w 3 10bbl fermenters-tenatively online by July ’14. And as you can tell by our first two brews, we’ve got a reason to be stoked about the future!

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