Conquest announces details for The Finisher release


This Saturday, January 25, Conquest will celebrate its first anniversary with an all-day party at the brewery. The highlight of that party will be the release of The Finisher, Conquest’s 17.5% imperial stout brewed with honey and brown sugar and fermented with champagne yeast. With the release of the highly desired beer just a few days away, the brewery on Wednesday announced details about how Saturday’s release will proceed.

  • The brewery will be selling 22 oz. bombers of the beer to order. That is, instead of purchasing a pre-packaged bottle, 22 oz. bombers will be filled and waxed the morning of. There’s legal reasoning behind this method, but the fact is, you’ll still be able to purchase and walk away with filled-and-waxed bombers that morning.
  • Bottles will be $15 each, tax included. There will be a limit of four bottles for the first 80 people in line and two bottles for the following 40 people. There will be 400 bottles sold in total. If they don’t sell out immediately, bottles and fills will be sold for $15 each on a first-come, first-served basis. Tickets will be handed out that morning and orders taken one-by-one.
  • The release will begin at 11 AM. Attendees are welcomed to camp out or line up early to ensure they get the number of bottles they want, but they are asked to be respectful and courteous. If you’re going to line up early or camp out, please bring something warm as it’ll be in the 20s Friday night into Saturday morning. Those who do line up early will likely be treated to breakfast. (You can vote on what you want to eat here.)

Since I’ve lost count of how many people have asked me, know this and spread the word: There will be a bottle share the morning of the release. Attendees will be allowed to share beers and drink in line and outside before the release and while it’s going on. You’re welcome to consume bottles of The Finisher after purchase, as well as anything else you’d like to bring along, but the bottle share will be restricted to the parking lot to keep the brewery clear for other patrons. Bring something good to pass around.

In accordance with state law, The Finisher will not be available for purchase by the pint, but Conquest has another imperial stout you can buy on site: Brutus, which comes in at 10.5%. Also, the rest of Conquest’s usual lineup.

Additionally, the food truck rodeo will help everyone soak up some of the day’s brews. The Wurst Wagen, Bone-In, 2 Fat 2 Fly and many more will be on hand and set up by 11 AM.


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