Westbrook Gose bestowed “Best New Beer” honors


A week ago, Westbrook was dubbed one of best breweries in the country for 2013 by Paste Magazine. And this week, Paste again bestowed a “best of 2013” honor on the Mt. Pleasant brewery.

On its list of the 20 best new beers of 2013, Westbrook’s Gose clocks in at No. 1. (Not sure if the list is considered a countdown, but for bias sake, let’s say it is. And let’s turn our heads to the “new” term.) Here’s what they had to say:

The relatively new Westbrook Brewing turned to Old Europe for inspiration for its Gose, a sour wheat beer that dates back to 16th century Germany. Few American breweries attempt to brew the Gose because, well, maybe they don’t like history. Westbrook’s fondness of history pays off here. The brewery uses sea salt and coriander in the brewing, for a sour and salty experience unlike anything else in the “summer beer” category. Light, refreshing and only 4% ABV, we’re still looking for a reason to stop drinking this beer.

I couldn’t agree with them more on that last point.


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