Westbrook readies Old Time release


After more two years of preparation and nearly a year of expectations, Westbrook on Thursday will finally release its Old Time series of barrel-aged beers.

First announced back in January, Old Time is a collaboration between Westbrook and the Charleston Beer Exchange, including Manager Brandon “Old TIme” Plyler. The base beer – a Belgian-style dark ale – has been aging in a variety of barrels since it was brewed back in July 2011. Each variant has a different name: Brandy Old Time was aged in Laird’s apple brandy barrels for 18 months; Grumpy Old Time was also aged in Laird’s barrels but with the addition of wild yeast; Rummy Old Time spent 18 months in Pritchard’s rum barrels; and Funky Old Time was aged 18 months in oak red wine barrels with wild yeast. Each 750 ml. bottle is also bottle-conditioned.

The yield from each barrel varies. There are around 150 cases of Grumpy Old TIme but only about 18 of Rummy Old Time. So, some will be easier to come by while others will be extremely rare.

Since this is a CBX collaboration, they’ll get first dibs. They, along with Westbrook and the Greenville Beer Exchange, will all release the beers Thursday afternoon. Following that, accounts throughout the rest of the state should also receive some, but expect a very limited supply.


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