More details announced about upcoming Freehouse Brewery


Last week, the spotlight was turned on Charleston’s upcoming Freehouse Brewery after the surprise announcement that … well, there was another brewery opening in Charleston. Not long after the brewery began to gain some attention, an article on Eater Charleston helped to shed a little more light on what Freehouse had in store for the future of SC beer.

And on Tuesday, Timmons Pettigrew of CHSbeer – the author of the Eater piece – fleshed out even more details in a piece on the CHSbeer site. Here are a few bullet points from the articles:

  • Freehouse was started by Arthur Lucas, who spent a lot of time in the Lowcountry when not in his hometown of Atlanta, and whose love for craft beer pushed him to start the brewery.
  • The brewery will be located in an industrial park abutting the Ashley River in North Charleston, quite close to COAST and Holy City.
  • The 15 BBL brew house consists of three 30 BBL conical fermenters and a 15 BBL brite tank, as well as tanks for hot and cold water. The boil kettle will use direct-fire natural gas to heat water.
  • The focus will be on “rustic, farmhouse-style” ales, with nearly everything being very low in ABV. The first beers being produced are the Ashley Farmhouse Ale and Green Door IPA, followed by a Belgian yeast-infused foreign/export stout.
  • Freehouse will bottle its beer, but not with a typical counter-pressure system. An Italian “gravity” bottling system will be used, which allows additional sugars to be added for bottle conditioning in each beer.
  • The brewers are eschewing a proper tasting room, instead allowing visitors to roam the physical brewery itself instead of having a separate space just for tastings.
  • All the beer produced by Freehosue will be USDA Certified Organic.
  • The name “Freehouse” is inspired by the term for British pubs not owned by breweries. Across the pond, “tied houses” are pubs that serve a limited amount, and only the brands brewed by the brewery that owns the pub. But “free houses” serve whatever they want, including locally brewed beer and other unique offerings.

Look for Freehouse to begin producing brews later this year.


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