Conquest constructs barrel room, installs new fermenters


Growth and expansion has been in the cards for Conquest for some time now, and while they’re this close to expanding their brewing capacity, the short term has left them time for smaller in-house expansions. Namely: The construction of a barrel room and the installations of two new 3 BBL plastic fermenters.

A couple of weeks ago, the crew used some spare materials around the brewery to build a modestly sized barrel room adjacent to their cooler. While not the scale of a Westbrook barrel room, it’ll still give the brewers a chance to experiment with some BA brews, with room for about a dozen or so barrels.

The room will also be the new home of Conquest’s new fermenters, each a 3 BBL plastic operation. Those fermenters will be used for smaller, more experimental batches of beer, including the brewery’s one-off Cyclops releases. The first two brews for the new fermenters will be The Finisher, Conquest’s behemoth 17.5% ABV imperial stout (which will tie up one of the fermenters for six months) and the saison I collaborated on with them. More on that later 😉


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