Goose Island Vintage Ales arrive in SC this fall


About a year after Goose Island first landed in South Carolina, the Chicago-based/A-B InBev-owned brewery’s presence will be expanding this fall with the arrival of its Belgian-style Vintage Ales series.

Beginning Oct. 1, Sofie, Matilda, Pere Jacques and Pepe Nero will all be available in major markets (Columbia, Charleston, Greenville, etc.). All four will be available in 765 ml. corked and caged bottles, and all but Pepe Nero will be available on draft.

All four Belgian-style beers are year-round releases. Sofie is a 6.5% farmhouse ale; Matilda is a 7% pale ale; Pere Jacques is a 8.7% Abbey ale; and Pepe Nero is a dark 6.4% farmhouse ale. All are great for cellaring, and from personal experience, I can say older vintages taste pretty great.


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