Seminar Brewing opening physical brewery soon


Seminar Brewing, the award-winning homebrew club based in Florence, announced Thursday they planned to move out of the garage and into a physical brewery within the next year.

Above you can see a sketch of the future home of Seminar, which will be located next to the Red Bone Alley Bar & Restaurant in the Florence Mall shopping center. Red Bone will also serve Seminar’s beers, and the brewery is looking to expand into other Florence-area locations.

The brewery itself will be about 1,100 square feet and house an 8.5 BBL brewhouse, as well as a tasting room. Seminar will likely start with five standard offerings and one rotating selection.

“We’re really pumped to expand the craft beer revival in Florence,” Seminar LLC Vice President Travis Knowles told me. “A big part of our motivation has (been) simply to add to the quality of life here. And as you of all people know, craft beer adds high quality!”

Founded in 2010 by a group of homebrewing friends, Seminar has racked up more than half a dozen homebrewing competition awards in the Carolinas. Having had the chance to try some of their brews, it’s clear they’re on the right track and will only better their brews with a larger setup.

Follow Seminar’s Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates on construction.


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