Westbrook’s Mexican Cake returns

WestbrookYou knew they were brewing it. You knew it was coming. The only question that remained: When would Westbrook‘s Mexican Cake be back in our lives again.

The answer? Soon. Very, very soon.

I’ll wait while you change your pants …

Wednesday night, Westbook’s Mike Levin announced details of the soon-t0-be-re-released imperial stout brewed with peppers. Here are the important points:

  • The brewery has readied 6,000 bottles (500 cases) of Mexican Cake, a sharp increase from the 1,440 bottles (120 cases) produced during the initial release;
  • The beer could be released as early as today at the brewery and should start hitting shelves across the state within the next couple of weeks;
  • South Carolina will (obviously) get the bulk of the shipment, but some cases may end up in Georgia and Alabama depending on how many orders were placed;
  • Bombers should clock in at about $12. Bottle limits will be under the purview of respective stores.

Salivating yet?


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