World of Beer taps exclusive Conquest beers for ACBW spotlight


We’re in the midst of American Craft Beer Week, and through Friday, Columbia’s World of Beer has scheduled events to celebrate the wonders of craft beer both far and near.

On Thursday, the spotlight turns on Columbia’s own Conquest once again as WOB features a slew of local staples and some brand new releases, one of which I had a hand in crafting.

First, the new stuff. Two kegs of the brewery’s brand new DIPA, Sacred Heartier, will be tapped that night. The first will be the standard version – a 10.25% imperial take on Sacred Heart. But the second keg will be an extra-special one-time offering available only at WOB: A sixtel of Sacred Heartier kegged with pineapple, coconut, and Centennial hops dubbed WOBacolada will be tapped as well.

Artemis Blonde will also be on that night, but this one will be quite special. (To me, at least, since I created it.) This time, the beer will be run through a Randall of jalapeños, cucumbers and lemon thyme from my very own garden. A couple of weeks ago, I spent the weekend experimenting with different Conquest brews to find a concoction I was proud enough to put my name behind. To me, the mellowness of the cucumbers balances out the spicy finish from the peppers, and the lemon thyme has a citrusy floral note in the middle. I loved the results, and I hope you will, too.

And as usual, both their Sacred Heart IPA and Medusa Stout (on nitro) will be tapped.


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