Holy City debuts beard-honoring brew Friday


Beer and beards go together like two peas in a pod, and it’s a style evident in our own neck of the woods. From COAST’s David Merritt to Brewery 85’s Will McCameron and so on, beer geeks in the Palmetto State take pride in their facial hair, as well they should.

Holy City takes that appreciation to new levels this week with the debut of their Chucktown Follicle Brown, a brown ale brewed in honor of the 4th Annual Southeastern Beard & Mustache Championship, being held May 25 in Charleston. The beer will be released this Friday, May 3, and the Holy City Beard & Mustache Society will be on hand to enjoy the brew (and likely get some of it stuck in their flavor savers).

Note: This beer, unlike Rogue’s Beard Beer, was not brewed using yeast cultured from the beard of the brewers. I think. You might want to check with Holy City’s Chris Brown (center) on that, though.

Even if you aren’t blessed with facial hair, you can still come and enjoy the new release. The tasting room opens at 4 p.m.


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