Westbrook to can Gose


Westbrook is reportedly preparing to add a fourth beer to its line of canned brews, making it only the second craft brewery in the country to can the style.

According to a reliable source, the Mt. Pleasant brewery will begin canning their Gose this summer as a seasonal offering. The brewery’s interpretation of the German sour wheat beer comes in at 4% ABV and is currently a seasonal beer available on draft and in 22 oz. bottles.

The beer will be the fourth canned offering from Westbrook, joining White Thai and their IPA, as well as the upcoming unnamed rye pale ale. All three of those beers will be offered year-round.

It’ll be the second time an American craft brewery has canned a beer in the style. A search of CraftCans.com yields only one other result for a canned gose in the U.S.: Mo’s Gose from Armstrong Brewing Co. in San Francisco.


2 thoughts on “Westbrook to can Gose

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