Terrapin Liquid Bliss


Terrapin Beer Co.

Athens, GA

Liquid Bliss Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter

6.7% ABV

There are few combinations in this world I find more perfect than chocolate and peanut butter. The combination of sweet and savory is a perfect blend, in my opinion, whether it’s in cakes or candy or whatever. Chocolate and peanut butter do it for me every time.

So of course I was excited when Terrapin announced Liquid Bliss, the 18th entry in its one-off Side Project series. Using a porter base, peanut butter, boiled peanuts and cocoa nibs are added with a variety of malts and U.S. Goldings hops. All signs pointed to it being a rich, creamy chocolate and peanut butter bomb, which, of course, was a great prospect.

But reviews of the beer tempered my expectations. While some were surprised by it and others trashed it, the consensus was it fell into the “Not what I was expecting” category. That was applicable to my take on it, but that’s not a bad thing.

The pour is very deep brown with just a little bit of light coming through the top of the glass. The head was about two fingers deep and really frothy, but it settled quickly. Mild lacing and weak alcohol legs.

The chocolate sweetness is the most noticeable part of the nose. It’s more like cocoa powder than a creamy chocolate smell, but it is pretty rich. There is definitely that roasted peanut butter smell. It’s sweet and just hinted at. Not overpowering, which was a nice surprise.

There’s a bit of bitterness on the front of the tongue coupled with slight carbonation throughout the mouth. The mouthfeel is very smooth and rich. The chocolate is heavy in the middle of the mouth with an almost chocolate milk smoothness and richness. On the back, you definitely get the peanut butter as well. Like the nose, it’s there and the flavor is nice, but it’s not crazy strong. With each sip, the peanut butter becomes stronger and more noticeable. It’s kind of that lingering creaminess you get from eating a spoon of PB.

Like a lot of people, I expected a richer, more flavorful beer. But what Liquid Bliss ended up being was a more nuanced approach. I was a disappointed at first but had done a 180 by the time I finished the bottle. In the end, I’m glad it wasn’t the blast of sweetness I was expecting, as it forced you to search out and analyze the flavors within a little more.


One thought on “Terrapin Liquid Bliss

  1. The best PB-chocolate beer I’ve come across was from a local homebrewer and I feel like that may be the best route to get the kind of intense mixture of flavors you and others would be looking for. I think they used something like three pounds of chocolate and one container of peanut butter in a five-gallon batch. IIRC, the profile was the opposite of what you found with this beer – lots of peanut up front with the chocolate dancing a little at the end.

    It was pretty amazing, but something I can imagine is much harder to do in a mass production, especially when it needs to be more nuanced to the public’s tastes.

    C’est la vie. Maybe I’ll give this one a shot anyway.

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