Foothills Oktoberfest


Foothills Brewing

Winston-Salem, NC


6.2% ABV

To be honest, Oktoberfest and marzens aren’t really one of my favorite styles. Maybe one too many barrel-aged beers and insanely hopped beers have ruined me, but I can’t remember anything in particular about the styles standing out to me.

The exact opposite can be said for Foothills. The Winston-Salem-based brewery is best known for the insanity of its Barrel Aged Sexual Chocolate release day, but for me they’ve continued to be one of those breweries that has yet to disappoint. So, why not?

The pour is a very clear almost cola color. It’s a deep brown, kind of like iced tea. There’s half a finger of a really effervescent head that disappears fast. Lacing is nonexistent and only slight alcohol legs.

The nose is classic marzen. Those big notes of caramel and toffee on the nose. There’s a really slight hoppiness, some nutty malts and a slight toasted note. Just a classic Oktoberfest.

There’s a mild bitterness on the front of the tongue, but it’s very smooth and rich on the palate. A big nuttiness develops on the finish and settles into a burnt caramel flavor with a big bread note. There’s toasted notes throughout. Everything is just really crisp and rich. Another incredibly well-made beer from these guys.

Foothills’ attempt at a Oktoberfest didn’t really change my opinion on the style, but as with everything else they make, it’s an incredibly solid beer.


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