New Belgium Peach Porch Lounger


New Belgium Brewing Co.

Fort Colins, Co

Peach Porch Lounger

9.4% ABV

New Belgium‘s Lips of Faith is one of those series that continually cranks of consistently solid and creative. Every batch is something new and inventive and generally a big divergence from the previous brew. Peach Porch Rocker, their collaboration with G. Love – he of Special Sauce fame – continues that trend.

Marketed as a saison, PPL is brewed using grits – something that makes this Southerner smile – molasses, lemon peel and, of course, peaches. It clocks in at just north of 9%, aiding to the idea that this is a beer best enjoyed slowly whilst relaxing on your porch.

The pour is a slightly hazy golden sunset orange. There’s about two fingers of a really foamy, bubbly head topping it off, along with some really strong lacing and mild alcohol legs.

The funk from the Brett is the most noticeable thing on the nose. You definitely get the bite of lemon peel and the tartness of peaches there as well. Good bit of tropical fruits, too, with mango, papaya and a slight pineapple. There’s a very slight bready malt note, expected in a New Belgium brew. Just a t touch of sweetness to it as well but more funk over it

Best way to describe the taste? Like biting into a big ripe juicy peach. It’s incredibly rich and flavorful with big sweet and tart characteristics. Just a mild carbonation on the palate. On the back of the tongue, the citrus and bread notes are big. It develops into a sweeter note on the finish with a definite molasses character and flavorful peaches. A bit syrupy sweet, but the tartness cuts it nicely.

Like G. Love’s music – or at least the couple of songs I’ve heard – PPL is a funky but smooth. The sweetness of the peaches works well cutting the funk, but the tartness also works to compliment the Brett. And true to its name, it’s certainly a porch beer, even more so now that it’s starting to feel fantastic outside.


One thought on “New Belgium Peach Porch Lounger

  1. Thanks for the review! Very well written and informative. Had I not already agreed with you on this beer, you might have changed my mind… Thanks again, and I look forward to your next review!

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