Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin


Weyerbacher Brewing Co.

Easton, PA

Imperial Pumpkin Ale

8% ABV

Another one of the sleeper pumpkin beers widely available come from Weyerbacher, again, one of those “I see them everywhere but never buy their stuff, even though I’m always impressed when I do” breweries for me. (See: Double Simcoe, Insanity, Heresy, etc.)

Coming in at 8%, Imperial Pumpkin is another imperial-style beer that really comes out as a well-rounded and solid example of the style. Standard ingredients – pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg – but Weyerbacher adds cardamom to the brew with theirs, giving it a bit of a different note.

The pour is an almost blood orange, with hints of ruby and copper. Much darker than other pumpkin beers. There’s barely a head to speak of, really weak lacing, and just some mild alcohol legs.

There are big notes of nutmeg and cardamom on the nose. Definitely a bite from the cloves and a richness from the pumpkin, and a bit of heat from the cinnamon. It’s definitely heavy on the spice with a nice sweetness from the pumpkin on the back to balance it out.

The beer is really mellow and rich on the tongue. It’s got an almost creamy mouthfeel from the pumpkin. But as it warms up a bit, the spices really begin to shine through more. There’s a blend of the nutmeg and cinnamon on the end and a big allspice note. The cardamom is also noticeable and a nice addition. The spices work well to compliment the alcohol and the pumpkin does a nice job of keeping it balanced.

I do pass over Weyerbacher beers a lot, but I’ve come to keep an eye out for Imperial Pumpkin. Imperial-style beers really do seem to compliment the pumpkin beer style better, and Weyerbacher does a nice job of keeping that trend going.


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