Lightning Review: Russian River Beatification


Russain River Brewing Co.

Santa Rosa, CA

Beatification American Wild Ale

6% ABV

Occasionally, my friend Dan is nice enough to invite me and a few other friends over to his house for some pretty amazing tastings. He’s extremely gracious with his offerings, and the tasting he hosted this past weekend was no exception.

But there was one gem that stood out: Beatification, the spontaneously fermented oak-aged sour from Russian River. The beer is extremely limited and therefor quite a catch, so it was great of Dan to share one of his limited bottles with us. (I’ve tasted the majority of the “-ation” beers from RR thanks to him, so hats off to you, Dan.)

Sadly, I was too excited – and too far in to the tasting –  to bother to take notes, but here’s a lighting review from what I can remember.

The pour is a hazy golden orange with a pillowy white head that leaves some nice lacing.

The nose is incredible. A massive, gargantuan tartness, funk and oak characteristics. Mountains of pear, green apple and white grapes. Very crisp smelling as well.

Absolutely phenomenal taste. It’s got an acidic tartness, a slight oak on the back and a big funky note. The tastes follow the nose: sour apples, pears, grapes, etc. The oak imparts kind of a mustiness that works well to balance the tartness. The finish is very dry and leaves you wanting more.

Lightning wrap-up: Dan’s awesome. This beer’s awesome. If you ever have the chance, drink it.



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