A Gift for the Brewlyweds

On Monday, after returning from our honeymoon, my wife and I sat down to unwrap and organize the mountain of gifts we received at our wedding a couple weeks ago. There was a lot of the standard fare: place settings, silverware, serving dishes and entertaining goods, etc. But mixed among those were a couple gifts that stood out. One was a photo of my wife and I from the night we first met about two-and-a-half years ago from the friend who introduced us. It’s a great little memento that means more than any of the higher-priced gifts we received.

And then, there was this:

That is a gift from our friend Josh, his girlfriend and two of our other friends. The time and effort that went into the box was impressive enough, but it’s what’s inside the floored us.

Josh, a burgeoning homebrewer – along with the three others who helped bankroll the effort – brewed us a Russian imperial stout aged with oak chips and Four Roses Single Barrel bourbon, and then bottled it in 22 oz. bombers. (I got to try a little bit at my bachelor party, so I speak with authority when I say it’s really, really good.) In the box we received were six bottles and simple instructions: to enjoy one bottle of the beer every six months and think back on our wedding day. Therefor, the bottles in the box have us covered for the next two-and-a-half years.

But it doesn’t stop there. In total, there are 24 bottles, each to be enjoyed six months after the other. That means that my wife and I will be able to sit down, crack open a bottle and reminisce over some great homemade beer every six months for 12 years. Twelve. Years.

We got some really expensive gifts, mostly from friends of our parents. But our friends opted for the fun, funky and original gifts, which mean more to me than the $300 knife block or the $100 serving trays. But this … this takes the cake. I’ve always been the kind of person to appreciate original and self-made gifts, mostly because it’s kind of flattering to know someone took the time to make something specifically for me.

That makes this easily one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.

To know someone – anyone – took the time, effort, patience and skill to not only think of, but also put together a gift such as this is humbling. We’ve always known Josh is a great friend of ours, but this will be a constant reminder of just how great of a person he is, and how much he and the others behind the gift love us.

My wife and I will be enjoying our first taste this weekend, and we’ll be able to keep enjoying it for years to come.


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