Anchorage Whiteout Wit

Anchorage Brewing Co.

Anchorage, AK

Whiteout Wit Bier

6.5% ABV

I’ve talked before about how impressive the beers Anchorage Brewing puts out on on a semi-regular basis are. They’re labor intensive, inventive and unique within their respective styles. They’re an incredibly inventive brewery and one that goes out on a limb, yet succeeds every time.

That trend continues with Whiteout wit, a wit bier that – *deep breath* – is brewed with lemon peel, black peppercorns and coriander, fermented in the tank with Belgian yeast, fermented again with Brett in French oak Chardonnay barrels and then bottle conditioned.

Phew. Reading a description that long makes you thirsty. Speaking of …

Whiteout has a crystal clear straw yellow color. It’s bottle conditioned, so there’s of course a big bubbly head on top. It does settle fairly quickly into a film. Nice, strong lacing and alcohol legs to boot.

On the nose are unmistakable big notes of Chardonnay and Brett funk. There are definite hits of lemon and a nice spiciness with an overall incredibly strong citrus note. You also get green apples and grass, giving the beer this big sprightly fresh smell. 

The citrus bite on the front of the tongue is incredibly. It’s like biting into a lemon, and then washing it down with a glass of Pine-Sol. (Editor’s note: DO NOT DO THAT.) There’s very strong carbonation throughout, which isn’t surprisingly given the bottle conditioning. It’s fairly bitter across the tongue. On the back, you get that big punch of lemon and white wine that fizzles and gives way to a yeasty sweetness. The body is fairly light and very refreshing.

What I love about Anchorage is how they make such monster beers where so much could go wrong, yet they nail it every time with brews that are intricate yet extremely balanced and enjoyable. Brett is a tricky yeast to work with, but it’s used perfectly in every Anchorage brew I’ve tried. It doesn’t mask the particular style of the beer, but heightens it. 


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