Victory/Stone/Dogfish Head Saison Du BUFF

Victory Brewing Co. – Downingtown, PA

Stone Brewing Co. – San Diego, CA

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery – Milton, DE

Saison Du BUFF

6.8% ABV

What do you get when you cross three of my favorite breweries with one of my favorite styles of beer?

Pure liquid awesomeness.

The idea of Victory, Stone and Dogfish Head collaborating on a beer dates back to 2003. As the story goes, the three owners got together to form Brewers United for Freedom of Flavor (BUFF) it an attempt to highlight the importance or working together and showcase what could arise out of collaboration.

In 2010, the put out Saison Du BUFF, a 6.8% saison brewed with parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme that they brewed again for release this year. Each brewery had its own batch brewed in house, so there was a little bit of variety in each batch. This particular bottle is from Victory’s batch. (I picked up Stone’s attempt the other day, so I’ll have a review of that down the line.)

The pour is a gorgeous super clear sunset yellow color that you can see straight through. It’s topped with about two fingers of a foamy head that dissipates quickly. Some nice lacing and light alcohol legs. A beautiful saison.

The herbs are huge on the nose. You definitely get the whole bouquet of what went into the brewing process. There’s a huge spiciness and pepper to it, but there’s a great sweetness to it, too, like a melon or a candied fruit note. An absolutely fantastic smelling beer.

All those herbs explode on your tastebuds, too. There’s a huge crisp wash of rosemary, thyme, a bit of pine and black pepper. It’s like inhaling a spice rack, but mixing it with the sweeter notes makes it insanely enjoyable. The herbs fade away on the back of the throat and are replaced with this sweet lingering orange and melon flavor. Great body, great carbonation to clean your palate.

And now, I try to resist the urge to open the other bottles I have in my fridge …


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