Terrapin 10th Anniversary Ale

Terrapin Beer Co.

Athens, GA

10th Anniversary Belgian Strong Pale Ale

10% ABV

This past April, Terrapin celebrated 10 years of brewing amazing beers with the release of the special anniversary ale. The Belgian strong pale ale features Euler’s Identity, a mathematical equation from Leonard Euler that is considered one of the most beautiful calculations ever devised. Also, it equals out to 10, so there you go. (Fun challenge: Drink a bottle by yourself and then go on to try and work out the equation. Alcohol and math go so well together.)

This thing was a beast of a brew. It features Chouffe yeast, coriander, two types of orange peel, chamomile and Nelson Sauvin hops, all in a smooth Belgian-style ale. Fittingly complex, given the mathematical behemoth that accompanies the bottle.

The color is a crystal clear deep yellow with no head to speak of, although there is a nice heady film on top. Accordingly, there’s no lacing, but there are so strong alcohol legs.

On the nose is a huge blast of melon. It’s a honeydew and cantaloupe bomb coupled with a great sweetness from the Belgian yeast. That also imparts a bit of a bubblegum note along with a kind of sooth, syrupy sweetness.

The mouthfeel is very smooth. There’s just a slight hop bite on the front of the tongue, followed by a really rich melon sweetness throughout. There are hints of grape, pineapple, orange and citrus, and spices. It’s a very rich, mellow beer that completely hides the alcohol. 


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