Sixpoint Apollo

Sixpoint Brewery

Brooklyn, NY

Apollo Kristallweizen

5.2% ABV

While there was a cold snap in South Carolina for a week or so, it’s since given way to unseasonably warm temperatures more on par with what we see during the summer. While the humidity isn’t nearly as nauseating as it gets during the summer – it’s about 90 degrees outside as I type this, but only 40 percent humidity – it’s still not ideal weather for sipping imperial stouts or heavier beers. And as it goes with the seasons, the hotter it gets, the more inclined I am to reach for something a little lighter on the palate and the stomach.

With that being said, I don’t think I could possibly create a more perfect warm-weather beer than Sixpoint’s Apollo.

While the Brooklyn-based brewery leans heavily on the hops with most of their beers, they decided to give the yeast a little more attention with Apollo, their new 5.2% Kristallweizen. Made with Bavarian yeast and wheat and designed to closely resemble a traditional German wheat beer, Apollo was designed to be enjoyed on the porch, at the pool, after mowing the lawn … hell, it’s perfect for just standing outside.

The color is that classic hazy orange you’d expect from a German wheat beer. It looks, fittingly, like a sunset. There’s a finger or so of a fluffy head on top that doesn’t really stick around. A little bit of lacing and, surprisingly, some alcohol legs as well.

The smell is classic hefe: Huge hints of banana, cloves and bubblegum. It’s just a huge juicy smelling estery bomb of a beer. There are slight wisps of pineapple and a sweetness from the malt. I got a slight peach, mango and melon notes as well. But yeah, it’s just an incredibly rich-smelling beer.

 On first sip, a wave of carbonation and that sweet bready malt flavor washes over your mouth. It settles into this excellent sweet banana and bubblegum flavor on the back. It’s that classic perfect German wheat flavor. A really rich and full mouthfeel, but not thick. And of course, it’s extremely drinkable. Definitely one not to miss if you can get your hands on it. 


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