Three Floyds Arctic Panzer Wolf

Three Floyds Brewing Company

Munster, IN

Arctic Panzer Wolf Imperial IPA

9% ABV

I’ve been very lucky lately when it comes to sampling some of Three Floyds’ consistently awesome beers, and that trend continued recently after getting my hands on a bottle of Arctic Panzer Wolf, their year-round DIPA. But while most Imperial IPAs go for a sweeter, more boozy taste, APW goes for a drier, crisper flavor that’s an interesting surprise.

The beer pours a hazy sunset orange color with a bit of yellow around the edges. Two fingers worth of head dissipates fairly quickly, but there’s some very nice lacing and alcohol legs.

Surprisingly, there’s a really nice dry white wine note on the nose. It’s that very muted alcohol smell with that crisp light citrus smell. There’s a bit of pine behind that along with grapefruit and apricot. A little bit of booze on the nose as well. But overall, it’s a very rich and tropical smell.

Following the nose, the taste at first is quite dry. Those white wine characters come through really strongly. There’s an extremely dry pine hop taste throughout the mouth and very prevalent bitter hops. It’s very crisp and not really sticky or resionous like most DIPAs. Lots of grapefruit and pepper on the mouth. The taste gets a bit stickier and sweeter as you go along. In all, it’s a very well-balanced DIPA with a unique dryness not found in other similar beers.

And with that, I’ve depleted my stock of Three Floyds. Beer mail is encouraged and gladly accepted.


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