Sixpoint Resin

Sixpoint Brewery

Brooklyn, NY

Resin Imperial IPA

9.1% ABV

I think it was early last year when I started hearing raves about Brooklyn’s Sixpoint. A lot of beer geeks in the region seemed to be flipping out about their products. That hype reached a fever pitch when the brewery finally started canning and distributing their beers, and even more so with the release of their new DIPA, Resin.

(Thanks to my friend Brian for hooking me up again, and for this mouth-watering photo.)

The story behind Resin is that the brewers wanted to create a beer that honored the natural oils of hops, which are released as this sticky, sap-like substance when the hop cones are heated. (There’s a bit of poetic waxing about the beer in the video below.) Having tried Resin a couple times now, I can say I definitely understand what they were going for, and think they achieved it.

In the glass, Resin has this deep mellow orange color, with a bit of light yellow around curve of the glass. It’s pretty hazy, as I’d expect a DIPA to be, with this murky dank look. There’s a nice pillowy head on top and some really nice lacing along the sides.

The smell, in short, is dank. There’s hints of wet pine, grapefruit and mango. The malt backbone comes through pretty prominently along with this thick, sticky sweetness. It’s a very herbal smell.

It tastes really bitter on the front of the tongue, with this quick pinch at first. That gives way to a really sticky, slightly sweet hop flavor throughout the mouth. It definitely has those sappy, resinous qualities they were pushing for. It finishes with this really thick taste on the back that gives way to a really nice mellow hop bitterness that sits on the back of your tongue.

It’s kind of hard to explain, but the beer really does achieve what I think they were aiming for. It’s sticky and sweet, but well balanced and very drinkable. Once again, my friends in the Northeast know how to make me a happy hop head.


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