New Belgium Dig

New Belgium Brewing Co.

Fort Collins, CO

Dig American Pale Ale

5.6% ABV

Fat Tire is a gateway beer for a lot of future beer geeks. Along with Sam Adams’ Boston Lager, it’s usually found on most draft lineups at restaurants. While it’s a solid yet ultimately unimpressive beer – brown ales are just boring to me – it’s not a very good indicator of the rest of New Belgium’s catalog.

In addition to their great Lips of Faith series, New Belgium’s seasonal beers are quite good for their respective release windows. Dig, an American pale ale, is their newest spring seasonal, replacing Mighty Arrow. Brewed with a nice selection of hops, including Sorachi Ace, Nelson Sauvin and Nugget, Dig is a really well-rounded and well-balanced beer that would easily suit a cooler evening as much as a warmer day.

The beer pours a deep, almost brownish orange, with a loose bubbly head. Maybe it was because I was using a New Belgium goblet, which has a nucleation site on the bottom, but the head lingered for a long time. Not much lacing, though.

There are a lot of different scents on the nose. Lemon, melon, orange, passion fruit and other tropical fruits. The melon flavors are very prominent with slight wisps of other citrus.

I really liked the taste on it. There’s a night malt taste on the front that’s pretty strong, but the fruit flavors wash over everything. It’s a very full, flavorful beer. The hops give it the rich flavors and bite, but the malt give it a thicker taste and mouthfeel.

Dig is surprisingly well-balanced for a spring beer, which I usually expect to be lighter, more effervescent beers like Alpine Spring. It’s flavorful and malty, but not so rich that it’s not a porch-appropriate beer. Definitely worth checking out.


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