Terrapin Wake ‘N’ Bake (W-n-B)/Moo-Hoo/Wake ‘N’ Moo

Terrapin Beer Co.

Athens, GA

Wake ‘N’ Bake Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout – 8.6% ABV

Moo-Hoo Chocolate Milk Stout – 6.0% ABV

As much as I love SweetWater, the Georgia-based brewery I’m most impressed with is Terrapin out of Athens. Both breweries seem to have a similar model: solid year-round and seasonal brews and increasingly impressive one-off brews (Dank Tank for SweetWater; Side Project for Terrapin). But with Terrapin being much smaller than SweetWater, they make quite a name for themselves with damn good beer.

Two of their best beers are Wake ‘N’ Bake, an imperial stout brewed with local coffee and oatmeal, and Moo-Hoo, a chocolate milk stout brewed with cocoa nibs. (Wake ‘N’ Bake has been renamed “W-n-B,” since it’s less risque, I guess.) Each beer is awesome on its own, but people have begun mixing the two into a concoction called Wake ‘N’ Moo.

WnB and Moo-Hoo both pour a deep, dark brown with a very slight head. The nose on WnB is dark malts and coffee, and the chocolate really comes through on the Moo-Hoo. The tastes are as expected: WnB is a bit biting with a robust coffee flavor and Moo-Hoo is creamy, like drinking heavy chocolate milk, and both have a great lingering aftertaste.

While each is great on its own, they get even better when mixed together. I poured both into a glass at the same time in an effort to mix the flavors up as best as possible. (I did happen to get a fancy cascade effect but didn’t have my camera ready in time to get a picture.) The nose on the WnM is primarily that smooth chocolate from the Moo-Hoo with a slight roasted note. This thing tastes excellent, too. The Moo-Hoo is the most pronounced, and you get that chocolate flavor right out front. But on the back is the coffee, which lingers really nicely and tastes a lot light a chocolate-covered coffee bean.

Kudos to whatever genius thought up this one.


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