Aloha!: Hawaiian Beer Mail

My parents recently became empty nesters after my younger brother went off to college. So, with ample amounts of free time and no kids around the house, they’ve coped the best way they can: Lots and lots of vacations.

The most recent of those trips was a two-week trip to Hawaii. They visited volcanoes, historic Polynesian sites and whatnot, and had a nice, enjoyable time together.

And then, about two weeks ago, I got this text message from my dad:

Glad to know they’re still thinking of me.

Later that afternoon, I navigated my mom through a “special store,” as she called it, and told her what kind of stuff to send my way. My main focus was anything from Maui Brewing Co., whose closest distribution to South Carolina is Virginia, according to a brewery rep.

On Thursday, the package arrived. It didn’t disappoint.

Inside, we found two cans each of all of Maui’s year-round brews: CoCoNut PorTeR, a 6% robust porter brewed with hand-toasted coconut; Bikini Blonde, a 5.1% Munich Helles lager; Mana Wheat, a 5.5% unfiltered American-style wheat ale brewed with pineapple; and Big Swell IPA, a 6.8% dry-hopped IPA brewed with Columbus, Chinook, Centennial, Simcoe, Falconer’s Flight and Citra Hops.

There were also a few things from Hawai’i Nui Brewing and Mehana Brewing Company, including Hapa Brown Ale, a 5.9% brown ale; ‘Alala Hawaiian Crow Porter, a 5.2% porter heavy on the espresso; and the Big Kahuna, the Southern Cross Belgian Style Double Red Ale, an 8.2% seasonal red ale fermented with Belgian yeast and plenty of hops.

Mahalo to my parents on the successful beer mail. 


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