Port Wipeout IPA

Port Brewing Co.

San Marcos, CA

Wipeout IPA

7.0% ABV

Port Brewing isn’t a brewery I’m too familiar with or well-versed in. I was able to try their Anniversary Ale a few months ago and was pretty impressed, so during my recent trip to Atlanta, I stocked up on some of their offerings, including Old/Older Viscosity, the Mongo DIPA and their standard, the Wipeout IPA.

Coming in at 7% ABV and brewed with Amarillo, Centennial and Simcoe hops, it’s a textbook example of a West Coast IPA. It pours a juicy, deep orange color with a thick white head that lingered for a good long while.

The smell was just as juicy. A really deep, rich orange smell with a slight hint of tropical fruits. A very muted one, but still pretty rich.

The flavor follows through with the appearance and smell. A strong hop bite on the front that washes away into a really juicy taste, almost like biting into an orange or mango. There’s a really nice sweetness that goes along with the taste, again like just biting to fresh fruit. The mellow hops linger on the backend and stick around for a while.

As I said before, another textbook example of a West Coast IPA – hoppy and flavorful, just the way it should be.


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