In the News

Beer Sample Size Bill Passing Through Senate – WLTX (4/11/13)

Pint Bill’s Chances Look Slim – Free Times (5/1/13)

Conversations with Beer Bloggers – Short on Beer (8/15/13)

What’s Hot in the Metro? Locals Weigh In on 2014 Midlands Food and Drink Trends – Free Times (12/24/13)

Find Your White Whale Beer: Expert Advice on How to Beer Trade – This Is Why I’m Drunk (1/31/14)

Changes in State Law Fueled S.C.’s Brewery Boom – Free Times (1/15/14)

What S.C. Beer Is Worth A Trip? – Free Times (1/15/14)

Craft brewers, aided by law changes, making impact on SC economy – University of South Carolina J335 class (5/6/14)

Craft Beer Boom Continues In Midlands – WLTX (8/8/14)

From One Carolina to Another – Foothills Brewing (4/20/15)

Top South Carolina-based Bloggers to FollowFlipKey (7/7/15)

Touring the Columbia, SC Beer SceneAll About Beer Magazine (1/12/16)


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