COAST rebottles Old Nuptial barleywine

coast-logo-pdfsmIn May 2011, COAST released Old Nuptial, a barleywine brewed to commemorate the wedding of the Charleston Beer Exchange‘s Scott Shor (who along with fellow CBX co-owner Rich Carley helped brewed the beer back in 2009). It was an 11% beer half aged in bourbon barrels for 18 months.

Since its release, the beer has grown to become a much-desired brew in SC beer circles and beyond. And this past weekend, COAST decided it was time to release more Old Nup upon the world.

On Sunday, about 500 bottles of Old Nup were made available for purchase at the brewery. This batch is reportedly partially aged in second-use barrels, and those who have tried the beer have reported it’s just as good as ever. (The original batch was also available on tap at Brewvival this past Saturday.)

As of Tuesday, there were still cases of the beer available at the brewery. This is likely the last time the beer will be available.


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