Holy City gives Pluff Mud the Baltic treatment


One thing Holy City does incredibly well is take their already great base beers and give them unique touches. Whether it’s different hops in their Slanted Porch Pale Ale or other touches here and there, HCB’s always looking to put a new spin on things.

Their flagship Pluff Mud Porter is no stranger to that tweaking, as the brewery announced last week they plan to brew it in the Baltic porter style.

“If you know us, you know Pluff Mud Porter, our award-winning, all-weather flagship,” the description of the 5.5% porter reads. “There’s a time for everything in this world, and we decided it was time to try a new spin on our oldest favorite.

“Baltic Pluff is our take on a Baltic Porter – a classic porter with all the classic porter traits, but fermented with a lager yeast. In our case, it’s our house lager yeast applied to our Pluff Mud recipe. The result is a more clean, crispy, and dry version of Pluff Mud, with all of that extra snap due to the yeast and its required cold conditioning.”

Expect to see it on tap at the brewery soon.


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