Thomas Creek breaks ground on expansion

thomas-creekOne of South Carolina’s oldest breweries is preparing to meet increased future demand, recently breaking ground on a much-needed expansion to its facilities.

Almost two weeks ago, Greenville’s Thomas Creek kicked off is long-planned expansion efforts. If you’ve visited the brewery recently, you’ve probably heard about how they’ve operated at maximum capacity for some time and were in the midst of growing out of their current home. That expansion is now underway, and when all is said and done the brewery will have added an additional 10,000 sq. ft. to its operations.

Here’s a rundown of what’s to come:

  • Two new buildings will be constructed as part of the expansion: a keg washing and storage building, which will be located toward the rear of the current facility; and a new brewing facility in the front of the building. The groundbreaking for the latter has already occurred.
  • The new brewing facility will be able to hold 16 120 BBL fermenters.
  • The first pieces of new equipment – one 150 BBL and two 120 BBL fermenters – should arrive in a couple of weeks.
  • The brewery will make the switch from filtration equipment to centrifugation – using centrifugal force to separate sediments – and that equipment should arrive within a month.
  • A new, proper taproom will be constructed in the current warehouse.
  • An outdoor patio and entertainment area will be placed between the old and new buildings.

When the expansion is complete – the schedule tentatively calls for everything to be finished by Dec. 1 – the brewery’s output will increase about 10,000 BBL a year, going from 14,500 BBL to 24,000 BBL. When complete, maximum capacity will reach 60,000 BBL, and the brewery plans to begin producing that much annually in the next five years.

You can find blueprints of the expansion plans here.


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