Conquest debuts Brutus Imperial Stout tonight


A couple of weeks ago, during a beer dinner in Columbia, Conuqest gave attendees the chance to try one of the first tastes of their upcoming Brutus, a 10.5% imperial stout brewed with, among other ingredients, chocolate malt, roasted barley and Warrior hops. The brewers promised to release the beer to the general public soon, and starting tonight, you’ll be able to get a taste for yourself.

Brutus will see its debut in the Conquest tasting room Wednesday night beginning at 5 p.m. For now, there’s only one sixtel of the beer available, so tasters and pints only, but more will be made for all to enjoy later this year.

Pitch black in body, Brutus wields his weapons of chocolate malt, roasted barley, and oatmeal to wreak havoc on your taste buds. With a body thick enough to coat your palate and leave his stain forever in your memory, Brutus invites you to join him in his dark quest for control of the known world.


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