Westbrook announces changes to BA Mexican Cake release


As expected, Westbrook Brewing Co. has announced changes to the release of its Barrel-aged Mexican Cake, which will take place at the brewery this Friday, June 12.

Westbrook previously announced each attendee would be limited to four bottles of each variant – apple brandy, bourbon and red wine – for a total of 12 22-oz. bottles per person. Many people (myself included) speculated that limit would be decreased so as to allow more people the chance to purchase bottles and to cut back on muling/hoarding, and it has. Each attendee will now be limited to two bottles of each variant per person.

Additionally, bottle sharing will be prohibited on brewery grounds for the entire day. This was pretty much a given, but seeing as many similar releases allow sharing on brewery premises, it was something that needed to be clarified. However, the brewery will be tapping some rare and unique offerings beginning at 4 p.m. to make up for it.

Other than that, the details pretty much remain the same. You’ll find the full list of changes here.


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