COAST Boy King returning soon

coast-logo-pdfsmIt’s been too long since we’ve had COAST‘s Boy King Double IPA in our lives. The occasionally released 9.7% ABV DIPA – arguably one of the best on the East Coast – was last released in September 2012, and it’s unlike COAST to go this long without releasing a newest batch.

Well, that’s (fortunately) about the change. On Wednesday, the brewery let Boy King fans know the wait would soon be over.

“The hops have finally arrived so the Boy King should be brewed pretty soon,” they wrote on their social media accounts. “I know it’s later in the year than normal but without Citra hops there is no Boy King. We are at the mercy of the almighty hop!”

In addition to Citra, Boy King is brewed with Chinook, Nugget, Cascade, Centennial and Columbus hops, along with organic 2-Row, Munich and Wheat malts. Expect to see its release in the next couple of months.

And since I know you’re going to ask, no, there’s no word on the next Blackbeerd release.


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