COAST expansion fundraiser earns $24K

CoastsupporterCOAST Brewing Co.‘s expansion fundraising campaign came to an end yesterday, netting the Charleston brewery more the $24,000 to aid in its upcoming plans for growth.

While the campaign ultimately fell short of its $40,000 goal, contributions ticked up quite a bit in the final days thanks to an increased social media push by the brewery and supporters. In total, 241 people donated $24,435 to the brewery’s expansion.

COAST has already secured a loan for much of the expansion, but the fundraiser was a way to allow supporters of the brewery to throw some of their support behind its future. The money will be used for new equipment and a tap room (which, if you’ve visited the brewery, you know they unfortunately lack).

Unlike other online fundraising websites, the hyperlocal Funding Charleston site used in the campaign allows the brewery to keep every dollar that was donated. So, even though the goal wasn’t met, the money will still be put to a good use.


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