Palmetto to double output with new equipment


With a shipment of new equipment this past Wednesday, Palmetto Brewing Co. will soon double the amount of beer it produces annually.


Palmetto Head Brewer Ed Falkenstein inspects the new tanks after they arrived Tuesday evening.

This week, the brewery became the home of three new 100-barrel fermenters, which when operational will boost the Charleston brewery’s output from 4,000 barrels a year to about 8,000. The expansion will allow the brewery to produce more of its core beers but also experiment a bit more as well.

The arrival and installation of the tanks was documented on the brewery’s Instagram page.

“We have been needing some more capacity for the last 4-5 years,” Palmetto’s Chris Winn told me via email. “We always run out spring/summer then have to play catch-up. So, we finally made they decision to expand and keep up with the growing demand.”

Winn said the first tank should be filled this coming Monday.


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