Brewery 85 releases details on new facility


On Friday, Greenville’s Brewery 85 announced that starting today, work would begin on clearing the area that will eventually become their new home later this year. In a press release distributed this morning, more details about the brewery’s future were announced.

The 10,000-square-foot brewing facility will be built on 6.2 acres of land near Interstate 85 near Laurens Road and the Clemson University ICAR Campus. A prefabricated building will be installed on the site. As far as equipment goes, the brewery will include a 30-barrel two-vessel brewhouse built by the Criveller Group of Canada. On the fermentation side, there are four 60-barrel unitanks, one 15-barrel unitank and one 60-barrel brite tank, meaning the brewery will be pumping out quite a bit of product from the get-go.

The tasting room will be equipped with eight taps and will feature a view of the fermentation cellar and brewhouse.

“We are really excited to join the growing beer scene here in the South,” said brewery founder Will McCameron. “We hope to provide beers that the people from our area can be proud of and enjoy. We also aim to provide our customers with an unparalleled experience when they visit our tasting room and production facility in the future.”

The exact location of the brewery is still being kept under wraps as the Hunt for Brewery 85 scavenger hunt is still underway. The online social media campaign is a way of showcasing what companies and components go into the making of the brewery. It will eventually culminate with the announcement of the brewery’s location.


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