Revamped Charleston Beer Week coming in April


Last year’s Charleston Craft Beer Week was, as CHSbeer described it, a “wolf in craft’s clothing.” That week, which included just one of Charleston’s local craft breweries, was basically a week showcasing craft beer in Charleston, but not necessarily Charleston craft beer.

That’s not the case this year. Earlier this week, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for the re-dubbed Charleston Beer Week began popping up, and on Wednesday, the event’s website went live.

This year’s CBW, being held April 21-27, is rebuilt from the ground up and has a completely renewed focus. As CHSbeer – a participant and operator of the social media arm – details, this isn’t just going to be a different brewery featured at a different bar every night.

“It’s a chance for all elements of the beer life cycle to come together and celebrate the basic thing that brought us all together in the first place,” they wrote. “Its success hinges in no small part of how many of those elements get involved.”

So, what’s in store? For one, involvement from all the distributors in the area. There’s the potential to have Holy City, COAST, WestbrookPalmetto and more all participating, but since the week is still in its infancy, nothing is set in stone yet. Many local beer folks already been spotted together planning for the week. Instead of just flooding the calendar with the events you’d generally see in a beer week, the outings will be a more limited, but also more unique. And breweries won’t be busting out super rare or limited beers just to one-up each other. They’ll be focusing on their flagship products and staples, showing people what makes them great to begin with.

You can expect more detailed information to trickle out as the week nears, so stay tuned.


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